If you’ve been inspired by the build up to the Prostate Cancer UK Scottish Senior Open and want to head to the golf course, have a read of Andrew Murray’s top tips to improve your swing. 

27 Aug 2015

While he gears up to take part in the Scottish Senior Open at Archerfield this weekend (27-30 August), pro golfer Andrew took some time out to share the benefit of his experience, and help you wow your mates on the golf course.

 Andrew Murray

Andrew’s top tips to swing like a pro


It’s essential your grip is correct. You should have two knuckles showing on your top hand as you look down, with your lower hand in a 'shake hands' position. If you’re right handed, the ‘v’ lines created by your forefinger and thumb on your right hand should point towards your right shoulder. Make sure you’ve got a good grip pressure. Secure, NOT tight.


All good golfers have a good athletic posture, with a secure base and a straight back. In other words, try bending to the ball from your hips, rather than your waist. This will help promote good posture and therefore help your swing no end.

The swing

A perfect swing is created with a circular movement of the club around a centre point: your head. This pure circle is created by many moving parts to give the impression of a big forehand tennis shot-type of move.

Being stable is key also: a solid base from which to swing. Feet planted, back-swing, and follow through up and out to finish like Rory!


A good smooth swing is essential:  try to ‘swish’ the club through the air in a smooth way. Sometimes swinging with eyes closed promotes a good smooth and balance action as a practice and feel technique.


Good balance and pose at the finish is the most common factor among the pros, and it goes hand in hand with your swing rhythm and balance. One of the best practice tips used by professionals, as well as handicap players and beginners, is to swing with feet two inches apart. This helps promote a better balance throughout the swing.


The biggest myth in golf is to ’keep your head down’ – follow the flight of the ball with your vision! A good positive mental approach is crucial, stay level headed and not angry or stressed. It’s not always easy – it’s a tough game at every level but remember to try and enjoy it!

If you need some more help or coaching, then seek the help of a PGA professional.

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