If you say you'll do something, no matter how outlandish, you have to do it, right? Well that's what the BBC thought after one football fan's audacious pledge ahead of his team's signing of a new goalkeeper.

1 Jul 2015

BBC story on "I'll tattoo my face"


Most football fans like making predictions, some of them get them right. When Leyton Orient fan Matt Simpson suggested on twitter that he'd tattoo the face of goal keeper Alex Cisak onto his face if his team signed said player, the BBC wanted the suggestion upheld.

As did Leyton Orient...

Leyton Orient tweet about face tattoo

But Matt holds down a regular job as well as being the author of Leyton Orient Greats, so he had to compromise.

Matt Simpson explanation

But it's ok because he has the backing of Alex, who will play a part in raising lots (we hope) of money to help beat prostate cancer this season.

Matt Simpson's fundraising page

You see? Doing something great to help beat prostate cancer is easy, and we won't make you tattoo your face. You can follow Matt on Twitter (@West_Stand_O) and you can donate to Matt's Non-Tattoo Fund.

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