Groundforce’s Tommy Walsh knows all about the benefits of teamwork. If your lawn looks like it’s in need of some love this summer, then get your mates round with promises of free beers and BBQs and set them to work with Tommy’s top tips to lay the perfect lawn.

Tommy Walsh


Tommy’s tips for a pitch perfect lawn


Use turf - if you’ve left it too late to use seed, or you want instant satisfaction, then turf is the right choice for you! Creating a lawn from turf is harder work than seed, so you may need to rope in some friends to help you. 


Prepare the ground – Hire a rotovator for the day to turn over the area to be turfed and break up the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches (100 to 150ml). Get some pals to continuously rake the soil to remove any weeds or clumps. Any stones you rake up can be got rid of simply by burying them.  The ground should be flat and level to the eye for the best results, with the soil broken up and raked to a fine level tilth!


Roll out the turfs – roll out the first line of turfs from side to side adjacent to the patio, walking on scaffold boards positioned on top of the turf, lay the next line of turfs working from the boards, laying the turf in half bond, splitting joints like brick work!  Continue using the scaffold boards, avoiding walking on the turf until complete. While you’re busy doing that, set one of your friends to work on bedding down the joints by placing scaffold boards across the joints and banging the board down hard with a sledge hammer or pick axe. Helpfully remind your pal regularly that he’ll need to pack the edges together tightly.


Get the sprinkler going - Set up a lawn sprinkler at the bottom of the garden, so repositioning can occur, without walking on the lawn, by pulling the hose towards you.  Don’t allow the lawn to dry out. To check the water has soaked right through to the ground below, lift up a couple of turf corners.


Finishing touches – If you want to give your lawn a good start in life, once the ground is prepared, sprinkle a good cover of bone meal lawn feed, before laying down the turf.  Avoid walking on it for a couple of weeks, and don’t cut for a month. When it’s finally ready to cut, set the lawn mower blade very high to just trim the top (to avoid pulling the grass out from its roots.)


Fire up the barbie – Now is the time to sit back and reward your hard working friends and family by cracking open some cold beers and firing up the barbie to celebrate your new summer-ready garden in style. You and your mates have earned it.


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