If the summer’s got you in the mood to get a bit fitter but you’re not sure where to start, who better to turn to than three time world champion and all-round athletics ace Colin Jackson.

26 May 2015

Have a read of the Welsh Wonder’s top tips, dig out your trainers and dust down those old gym shorts. And, once you’ve familiarised yourself with your local park, why not sign up for one of Colin’s Go Dad Run events across the UK and raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Colin Jackson

1. Don’t be over ambitious

If you haven’t done any exercise since you were in school, start by gently walking. Exercise is something you have to prepare for, so get your body used to exercising. Then, when you’re more used to it, you can start pushing yourself. Push yourself to your limits but remember what your limits are.

2. Nutrition is key

You need to eat well. I’m not saying you have to eat super healthily, just don’t over-indulge. If you want to have French fries, have some but don’t have too many. The most important thing is make sure you have the salts and the sugar your body needs to perform at its best, and drink enough water to stay hydrated too.

3. Seek out training partners

Find people who have the same targets as you because then you’ll feel like you’re sharing the load. You will have the same drive and commitment and that’ll make a huge difference.

4. Sign up for an event

Make that event your target, as everyone works better towards a deadline. Of course, when you’re doing professional sport you go for the championships. If you’re just getting started then a 5k event like the Go Dad Run will be a major goal to work towards.

5. Get some good tunes

Everybody has music that inspires themand that can help them when they run. I listen to R&B a lot when I’m running as it can take me on a journey. Find tracks that give you a good memory of something and it will help you drift past three minutes. Before you know it you’ll have run further than you ever thought you could!

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