Today’s guest of honour, Gerwyn Rees, is doing everything he can to support Men United in its quest to fight prostate cancer.

14 May 2015

Gerywn Rees will walk out at Wembley today as Prostate Cancer UK’s guest of honour. In his own words, this ‘sports-mad bloke’ explains why joining our official charity partner’s movement for men - Men United – has helped him fight a disease that, initially, threatened to overpower him.

“It’s been two years this month since I heard the words ‘prostate cancer’ for the first time. As you can imagine, it came as a bit of a shock. I felt very alone and confused with my diagnosis, until I decided to seek help and guidance with what I thought was earth-shattering news.

“To my great relief there was an abundance of information on Prostate Cancer UK’s website, which to an extent put my mind at ease. This led me to look at the range of treatments available and speak to a specialist nurse.

“After choosing the option of surgery to remove my prostate I used the services offered by the charity to help me through my recovery. I also decided to offer my services as a volunteer; firstly to show my thanks for the valuable information I’d been given and, secondly, to use my knowledge and experience I’d gained during my first few months after diagnosis.

“I became a volunteer speaker, information-stand host and spoke to people who had been in the same position as me through the charity’s one-to-one support service.

“The training provided was first class and despite being a bit nervous at the thought of being a volunteer speaker, I’ve been complimented that I’m very passionate and engaging.

“When the opportunity to volunteer for sports events arose I was first in line. The Football League matchday experiences are amazing - meeting and chatting to all sorts of people, from the directors to the staff and of course, the supporters.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of the cause and disease, and to raise money to fund new ways of testing for prostate cancer, treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

“Yet when I was told I would be the guest of honour at Wembley today as a result of my efforts I was in a state of disbelief. Me, on the Wembley pitch? What an honour.

“Football is a brilliant environment for reaching out to people especially on occasions like a playoff final. If you are reading this and think you or one of your mates may need information or help, there’s plenty out there via free information booklets or by speaking to a specialist nurse at Prostate Cancer UK.”

Today is a special day for a lot of people. Enjoy supporting your team, have a brilliant day and please remember to sign for Men United - the movement for everyone who believes men are worth fighting for.

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