In our build up to Magic Weekend, we launched a survey in partnership with Rugby League Cares to find out what rugby league fans know about prostate cancer, the cause and how they celebrate their friendships by watching their favourite sport.

Over 400 fans completed the survey including Leeds Rhino fan, Matthew Crosthwaite, who was randomly selected to win a pair of day passes for St James' Park.

And here are the early results...

1 May 2015
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We work in sport to reach our audience: men. Some men know more than others about their health.

We began our partnership with Rugby League Cares, the Rugby Football League’s charity, to find out what rugby league fans know now and to measure their knowledge again in three years' time.


One of the objectives of our partnership is to make rugby league fans more aware of their health, and to make sure they understand the risk factors of a disease which kills 10,000 every year. Fans completing the survey were also asked if they had connections to the cause.

Here’s what we found out

And there'll be a lot more to come!

Only 22% of rugby league fans know that being 50 or over is a risk factor, compared to 40% of the overall UK population

"My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 months ago, while I was working away. I have since re-located closer to home to help my family help my dad battle this disease. He is a very proud man who was so very active, the illness has reduced him to a shadow of his former self. He is mentally trying to cope with his body not letting him get up and about as he is racked with pain due to the additional complexity of osteoporosis.

"He loves his rugby league and more importantly his beloved Wigan Warriors, our chats about Shaun Wayne and the boys put a little glint of excitement back into his eyes. My dad is my hero and my inspiration, especially how he battles the daily pain of his illness with courage and dignity whilst trying to protect his family from the heartbreak of seeing the pain he truly experiences."

Read more about risk factors.

Nearly half of all respondents had had a conversation about prostate cancer (46% to a family member, 34% to a friend)

"There were so many people around me having trouble with prostate cancer in some form or other, I decided to get involved and learn more. I have since learned loads and made more friends on the way as well. I have also been checked out myself, especially after finding out that I was in the right age bracket when I should be more concerned."

Over a third of respondents said they would check themselves regularly if they were at higher risk

However, we need men to understand that they need to visit their doctor if they're worried about their health.

Infographic: what is my risk?

"At Magic Weekend I got chatting to a lad from Liverpool and had a great weekend, and it was the first Magic Weekend when Leeds beat Bradford with the last kick off game to win. We kept in touch on social media and I'm his best man at his wedding this year."


We know that when friends get together they do great things, just like this respondent did when he met his best man at the first ever Magic Weekend. Now we're asking you to do something great in the build up to Magic Weekend: enter our prize draw to win the chance to deliver the ball for the game of your choice at St James' Park.

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