With the biggest fight in boxing history (since the last one) set to go off this weekend, we asked our man at Men United who knows a thing or two about boxing to give us his prediction.

When we recently met legendary East End businessman Barry Hearn to launch a celebrity charity match at his old stomping ground, Leyton Orient FC, we put a few questions to him about the sports he works in.

We could have talked football, darts, snooker, poker, or fishing - and we did - but with a rather important fight right around the corner, we grilled him hardest on boxing.

We wanted to know what the Matchroom Sport chairman could tell us about Mayweather v Pacquiao. 

prostate cancer uk barry hearn

"It doesn't get bigger than Pacquiao v Mayweather on the second of May in Vegas: 400 million dollars to be split between the fighters. Some of us have to work weeks and weeks for that!" said Hearn.

As Barry mentions, the fight is expected to gross in the region of $400 million (£273 million). Imagine what $400 million could do for prostate cancer research!

  • Total UK spend on prostate cancer research in 2013: £22,215,740
  • Funding for prostate cancer in the last 3 years: £60,212,242.19

As reported by The Telegraph, Mayweather's dominant 60-40 split of the purse will land approximately $119.8 million (£82 million) for what is likely to be 12 rounds of work. Pacquiao, by comparison, will earn $79.6 million (£54.5 million). A decent night's work, whichever corner you're in.

"It's going to be a great fight," says Barry. "I think Manny Pacquaio is past his best and my own personal feeling is that Mayweather wins comfortably, but probably on points, as Pacquiao is probably tough enough to stay there.

"These are really good times to be in boxing as well. That’s why I'm smiling all the time, as I'm having such a great time. Everything is going well, the boxing is going through the roof and there are a lot of kids out there coming through that are going to be superstars over the next couple of years.

"We are coming on May 30 to the O2 with a really big show: Kell Brook defending his IBF title, Kevin Mitchell sighting for the WBC title, Lee Selby fighting for the IBF title and Anthony Joshua having his first meaningful test."

prostate cancer uk barry and errol

Barry is going to be busy that weekend. He's back at the Matchroom Stadium, supporting his mate Errol McKellar in his own big match. Barry returns as Leyton Orient chairman for one day on Sunday 31 May 2015 for a special Orient Legends v Men United game. 




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