25 Mar 2015

A report released last week by Macmillan Cancer Care has highlighted that 30,000 men in the UK are living with advanced, incurable prostate cancer.

The report also points out that this is more than for any of the other top four cancers and more than a third greater than estimates for breast and colorectal cancer.

The headline figure demonstrates welcome news that men with advanced prostate cancer are living longer. However a knock on effect of that is a greater demand for improved cancer services to meet men’s needs.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK said: “Thanks to welcome breakthroughs in treatment, men with incurable prostate cancer are now living longer. However, that creates new challenges both in research innovation and in meeting men’s end-of-life needs. Sadly, there are few signs that the system is flexing quickly enough to accommodate this – just last week, for example, our own report  revealed there’s no clear plan to sustain the vital prostate cancer nurse specialist workforce on whom so many patients rely.
“We just can’t afford to take our foot off the gas. The UK must keep investing in research to detect aggressive prostate cancer earlier, improve treatments, and cut side effects. As people survive longer, they need quality support and quick access to new drugs and care. We will continue doing our bit to lead change, but whoever leads the next government must put prostate cancer high on the agenda if better survival is to be matched by quality of life.”

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