The Walking Dead star David Morrissey has been friends with fellow Scouse actor Ian Hart for more than 30 years. They starred together in the 1983 drama One Summer and were reunited last year for the BBC mini-series The Driver. Here, Morrissey talks about how a shared love of the Beatles and acting helped them overcome their footballing rivalries…

21 Jan 2015

David Morrissey

My dad was an Evertonian and so was one of my brothers, but I had another brother who was very contrary and decided to support Liverpool because they were the underdogs at the time. He kept buying me shirts and boots and stuff like that, so I was indoctrinated when I was a baby.

I’ve never regretted it. It’s a fantastic thing, even if all my life my really good friends have been Evertonians – including my best mate Ian Hart.

I knew Ian at school. He was a really cool guy, but he was in the year below me so I only got to know him at the Everyman Youth Theatre. We became good friends very quickly and my big memory of Ian is missing the last bus home, counting our change to see if we could hail a taxi and singing Beatles songs at the top of our voices at one or two in the morning.

We both wanted to be actors, but we came from a musical town and we were always jealous of musicians. Ian was in a band for a while called The Pale Fountains who were just brilliant, a genius band. He played maracas and I was really jealous of him for being in that band.

London calling

Then One Summer a TV series on Channel 4 happened and we both got roles. It was the ignorance and arrogance of youth really. For a while we thought it would always be like that, then we realised it wasn’t and we had to work a lot harder.

After that we both came to London; I went to RADA and he went to Mountview, but we’ve remained friends ever since.

Ian lived in LA for a long time so I didn’t see him as much as I’d have liked. We don’t live that far from each other in London now so we see each other once every couple of months. We also text each other constantly.

Ian is the link to my past. We have nostalgic conversations and we realise neither of us has changed – as long as we don’t look at photographs!

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