25 Sep 2014

Black men have a 1 in 4 lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer, however findings from a recent YouGov survey show that 92 per cent of Black men are unaware their ethnicity puts them at great risk. These are shocking statistics, and highlight the level of work that still needs to be done to raise awareness within the African and African Caribbean community.

This year we sponsored La Trinity Carnival Band, one of the main attractions at the Notting Hill Carnival at the end of August. The carnival is Europe’s biggest street festival and since 1964 it’s been one of the African Caribbean community’s most celebrated annual events. So it was a huge opportunity to raise awareness of the increased risk Black men have, and encourage them to talk to their GP.

Notting Hill IMG_6407 (2) Girl In Crowd Crop2

With one of the loudest sound systems, a band of dancers, and a large banner display we definitely attracted a lot of attention from the crowds. And we took a huge step forward in getting the message into the community. Since the event we’ve heard from people who saw us there, thanking us for bringing the facts about prostate cancer and Black men to their attention. We also made an impact at a similar event in Leeds earlier in the summer and next year we hope to come back to carnival season bigger and better.


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