8 Aug 2014
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Paul Scholes is a Manchester United and England great. This week retiring Spain international Xavi Hernandes, one of the most decorated players in world football, claimed his "small regret" was not to play with Scholes. "In the last 15-20 years the best central miedfielder that I have seen - the most complete - is Scholes" said Xavi.

So we were quite chuffed when Paul asked if he could join our team (and get a hair cut).

Supporting our campaign at his local barbers in Oldham, Scholes joined Rugby League stars Kevin Sinfield and Mark Flanagan for a short back and sides in the place they have been having a trim for years.

We caught up with the midfield maestro shortly before his latest hair cut to find out why one of Manchester's famous sons decided to sign for Men United this season.

"I know Steven in his (barber's) shop was very keen to get behind it (the campaign). There are quite a few people he knows that have been affected by it so it’s a case of supporting him today and raising awareness.

"It’s a great thing that Kevin and Mark from the Rugby world are here to help out today as well, and similarly I'm happy to."


Scholes, Sinfield and Flanagan join World Cup winner, Nobby Stiles, at Men United.

Nobby clearly left an impression on a young Scholes and the rest of the 'Class of 92' and he was keen to wish the England legend well after hearing of his fight with prostate cancer.

"He was massive for us, the class of 92 lads when we were first coming through at 16-17 years of age he was our coach.

He was a great man and someone I really looked up to because of what he achieved in the game. Not just with England but Manchester United as well.

It's sad that he's been poorly lately and I'm sure I speak on behalf of all the team and everyone that knows him: we hope he gets better soon.

Man United to Men United and beyond

"It's quite a quirky name. So much so I get it mixed up a little bit. Having played for Man United it might be a bit difficult to say! It’s a great name and definitely catching on as well."

Men United Barbers _007 580x 224

A new era

Once Scholes indicated he wanted to make the move to Men United, we were keen to find out how he thinks his old team will fare in the Van Haal era.

"Exciting times. Got a top manager in charge. He's been to Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Ajax and has just taken Holland to the semi finals of the World Cup.

"Pre-season training looks like it has gone really well. Still got players to come back. He might need to buy a couple of players as well. It's looking well and hopefully they will have a better season this year."*

*He clearly means 'they', but we'll let him off this time.

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The biggest gamble of my career

Our Men United team know that it's not worth gambling with their health. If they have a problem, they visit their doctor. The days before we gave him a new do, Paul had been doing his home and found out some 'scary' realities and is now aware of the risk this disease poses to men, particularly those over 50, with a family history.

Paul also told us about the risks you take playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

"Playing for Man United. Everything you do. To be a Man United player you had to play with risk. Alex Ferguson always taught us that. Better than being a player who was just being safe all the time. Being able to take a gamble, to create a chance, to take a shot to score a goal."

If you want to join Paul Scholes in our team, sign for Men United.

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