11 Jul 2014
In - Research

Today the Daily Telegraph has reported on new research printed in the Journal of Clinical Oncology which explores whether having a vasectomy plays a role in increasing a man’s risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. The study was undertaken at Harvard Medical School and tracked 50,000 men aged between 40 and 75 from 1986 to 2010. 

Read the full Telegraph article here.

We comment on the study below:

Dr Iain Frame, Director of Research at Prostate Cancer UK said "The results of this research are based on an earlier study which was first reported 19 years ago. We need to be cautious about how the results are interpreted; although there appears to be an increase in aggressive prostate cancer in men who have previously had a vasectomy, it translates as a relatively small increase in the number of men who actually develop aggressive prostate cancer. As the researchers state, the decision to opt for a vasectomy as a form of birth control is a highly personal one and Prostate Cancer UK would recommend that a man should discuss the risks and benefits of a vasectomy with his doctor."

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