25 Jun 2014

Father’s Day, the all-star drama about a support group for men with prostate cancer, has just received a Bronze in the Cannes Lion awards. It is further recognition for Prostate Cancer UK’s film, which has this year been trailed to audiences in Everyman cinemas

The aim of Father’s Day, commissioned in 2013 from Coasthouse Productions, was to increase prostate cancer awareness, reaching as large an audience as possible in an unexpected and entertaining way.

It teased the public with the mock release of a new British ‘heist’ thriller featuring a top cast, including Ray Winstone, Charles Dance, John Simm, Tamsin Outhwaite and Neil Stuke.

At first, Father’s Day seems to be about a gang getting back together for a ‘job’. But one of them has died. And another wants out. Tension builds. When they eventually meet, it turns out they are not planning a raid at all. It is prostate cancer that unites them - and the meeting is their support group.

Here the characters share their experience of cancer and its treatment. Each is at a different stage of the illness and each of their stories reveals a different aspect of the disease, its symptoms, what it’s like to live with, and its impact on men and their families.

“It was Hollywood meets health education, and its boldness and effectiveness  in reaching men in a language they want to hear is recognised by this award”, says Vivienne Francis, Prostate Cancer UK’s Director of Communications.

The message of Father’s Day is that men should start thinking about prostate cancer and, most importantly, start talking about it. ITV4 screened the film on Father’s Day 2013, reaching 450,000 people – and overall more than 5 million people engaged with the film online or through TV and media coverage.

The Cannes Lions Awards 2014 honours excellence and creativity in global communications. It attracted over 35,000 entries from around the world, pitting Father’s Day against an international field of big hitters in the brand and entertainment category.

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