20 May 2014
In - Sex Research

Press comment: New research, reported by the BBC claims that ‘prostate cancer may be a sexually transmitted disease caused by a common yet often silent infection passed on during intercourse.’

The research from The University of California was reported in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and tested human prostate cells in the lab.

Dr Matthew Hobbs, Deputy Director of Research at Prostate Cancer UK said:

“This research suggests that there may be a link between the sexually transmitted infection - Trichomonas vaginalis - and a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer. It’s does not suggest that the infection could cause prostate cancer.

“Laboratory research like this is important as it can give us vital clues about lifestyle factors that might increase a man’s risk of prostate cancer and how they might do that, but it is essential not to draw conclusions too soon. From this particular study it is too early to say for certain whether this infection increases a man’s risk in reality. 

“Men should concentrate on familiarising themselves with the known risk factors for prostate cancer for which we already have strong evidence - being over the age of 50, having a family history of the disease or being of African or African Caribbean ancestry. If you fall into any of these groups it’s essential that you speak to you GP about your risk and decide whether going down the route of diagnosis is right for you.”

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