6 May 2014
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In July 2013, Millwall FC's Commercial Director, Alan Williams, approached the charity to partner up with us for the 2013/14 season. Now the season has finished and with Millwall's Championship status secured we are looking back on a tremendous season off the pitch, if not always tremendous on it!

For the final match day programme (AFC Bournemouth at The Den), Mark Bishop, sent a personal message to Lions fans.

Dear Millwall FC

Thank you from Prostate Cancer UK

Last July, when Prostate Cancer UK were approached by Millwall FC to become their title sponsor for the 2013/14 season we didn't appreciate the level of impact our partnership would make.

In November, at the Barnsley home game, the club put on their ‘Heroes in White’ day.

The club received special permission from the powers that be for the team to wear their away kit at The Den, attracting the attention of The Football League Show and in turn football fans across the land.

For us, we'll remember this season for the time, effort and passion of the Kilgannon family. Brian, a man with advanced prostate cancer, his wife, Loretta, and their 11 year old son, William have tirelessly shared their story with the fans, national newspapers and the BBC as well as supporting our appeals.

Men like Brian are the reason we fight.

The Kilgannon's are not alone in their support. On the way back from The Den one time this season, a taxi driver wouldn’t take any money for my journey back to the office. His reason? “You are Millwall”. He probably didn’t know it at the time, but those three words made my day.

Thousands more have bought our Man of Men pin badge and the Millwall Supporters Club December quiz night raised £1,500.

Club staff and Nicola Robinson (Robbo’s wife) are well on course to raising over £5,000 by completing the Brighton Marathon, London to Amsterdam Challenge and London Marathon respectively. 

And Chopper Harris, David Forde, Robbo and more recently Ollie (at our MPs match at the Den) have been incredibly generous with their time across what has been a trying season on the pitch.

We knew that our name would be seen by thousands, potentially millions, of people across The Football League and on TV.

We knew we would receive press coverage, and were delighted with how the media and fans reacted to news of the partnership.

What we didn't expect was the level of support we would receive from the club's staff and players, but also from you, the fans. Simply put, you’ve all played a blinder for men’s health.

On behalf of men, and their families, thank you for your support.


Mark Bishop
Prostate Cancer UK

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