6 May 2014

Sporting heroes, Stuart Pearce and David Gower, teamed up to help launch Prostate Cancer UK’s partnership with Rileys, the UK’s leading sports bar company.

Football star and soon-to-be Nottingham Forest manager Stuart Pearce joined former international cricketer and television broadcaster David Gower at a press conference in London, to mark the start of the two-year partnership.

As part of the partnership, Rileys has committed to raising a massive £100,000 over the next two years through themed events and initiatives, as well as backing our Men United v Prostate Cancer campaign - joining our army of supporters fighting against one of the biggest killers amongst men in the UK.

Commenting on the partnership, Maurice Kelly, Chief Executive of Rileys, said, "We are delighted to be teaming up with Prostate Cancer UK to support the Men United campaign. Prostate cancer affects thousands of lives each year, so we want to raise awareness amongst our customers. We look forward to raising vital funds for this great cause in a fun and exciting way."


Pearce, who was also unveiled as Riley’s official World Cup ambassador at the event, said, “I’m absolutely delighted to be an ambassador for Rileys. And regarding Prostate Cancer UK, it’s my opportunity to put my weight behind the [Men United] campaign as well. In both ways it will be a fantastic tie-in.

“From a football point of view it’s a very macho profession on the pitch and probably even more macho off it with the supporters, at times.

“It’s taboo to go to the doctors to get checked out, and I think that’s right across the board. We have to break those barriers down in some way and wash the bravado away a little bit. We need to reach out and ask for help or even go for regular checks. Women do it better than men.”

Prostate Cancer UK ambassador David Gower added, “The whole message that Prostate Cancer UK is putting across is to be aware of these things - the early signs of possible prostate cancer - almost before they happen and certainly at the earliest possible stage, and to make as many other people as aware, again, before something goes horribly wrong.

"Support for the cause has grown markedly in a relatively short time and  support from Rileys can only help by taking that cause to a big, new target audience of sports-loving people. With a bit of luck they will be able to raise some serious money while watching all the great sport that is on this summer”

“The truth is the more people who are aware the better. So from my point of view just adding to that awareness and helping raise awareness is time well spent. We are here to support both those people who have been through it already and the many who might go through it.”

Prostate Cancer UK’s Director of Fundraising Mark Bishop, said, “This is an exciting partnership with Rileys ahead of an exciting summer of sport. We know as a charity that reaching men with an important health message in traditional places such as doctors’ surgeries is not always the most successful approach. It’s about going to where men go, and that very much includes sports bars. This is how we can raise awareness of prostate cancer, get men to take information on board, and ultimately fight to save lives.”

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