30 May 2014

With just weeks to go until the London to Amsterdam challenge, we hope your training is going well and you're excited about the challenge. Download our key details document and read some rider FAQ's below to help you plan for the event.

Where will I collect my bike if I’m parking at Westfield before the event?
Bike collection will be in the Westfield coach car park which is a 2 minute walk from Car Park A. If you are staying in the Premier Inn and you want to collect your bike from King's Cross station then you need to let us know before the event.

Do we require bike locks for the stop at Colchester and on the ferry?
Yes, a bike lock is advisable to take with you, and you can leave this in your ‘Ferry bag’ that you’ll give to the tour operator on Friday morning.

Do we hand over our bags (with change of clothes for ferry & Amsterdam) before the start of the ride to organisers?
Yes, you will need two bags split into your Friday ‘day bag’, which includes items for the ferry, and your remaining bag that includes everything you won’t need until Saturday night in Amsterdam. You will only have full access to your 'day bag' on Day 1. And you will not be able to access your 'Amsterdam' bag until we get to the hotel on the Saturday night so please pack carefully.

Will the bags be reunited with us when we board the ferry and again be taken off us when arriving in Holland?
Yes – but only the day bag. You will get your other bag when you get to the hotel in Amsterdam.

Is there parking before (and during) the event
Unfortunately, there is no parking available at the event start, so we recommend you park at Stratford Westfield (info enclosed). Everyone staying at the Premier Inn, or just planning to park at Stratford Westfield, will be able to give their bags to our tour operator, and then cycle the 2.5miles to the stadium on a fully signed route. In order to make sure we have room for your baggage, please let us know you will be using this service by emailing events@prostatecanceruk.org asap.

Where do I collect my bike after the ride?
All riders will be collecting their bikes from King's Cross after the event, unless they are parking at Stratford Westfield, in which case your bike will be available for collection as close to Stratford possible. If you are piking at Westfield but want your bike delivered to King's Cross at the end you need to let us know now.

Will we be given a GPS link to the route?
The route will be fully signed, but riders won’t be given GPS routes. This is due to any last minute routing changes that may take place on the Friday morning.

Do we leave the bikes with the organisers once reaching Amsterdam?
Yes, these will be kept in secure overnight storage.

Do you want your partner/friends family to join the event?
The group will be staying at NH Musica Hotel, and friends or guests can book extra rooms through our tour operator at £130, which includes bed and breakfast, as well as the celebration dinner. If you have friends who just want to join for dinner, they will need to cover a £40 charge per person. Please let us know if you would like to add anyone to either stay at the hotel or just attend the celebration dinner.

Other information:

Sweep stakes: There will be two sweep stakes during the trip so please have a couple of quids ready. The winner of the sweep stakes will get the money raised applied to their London to Amsterdam online fundraising accounts. So it's well worth a punt.

Social media: The # for the ride will be #L2A and our twitter account is @ProstateUK, you may wish to have your club's twitter handle and # handy too.

Download information on a typical day, weather, terrain and more.

If you still have a question that is not answered, please get in touch by emailing us at events@prostatecanceruk.org

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