25 Apr 2014
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Bruce Grobbelaar, one of football’s most colourful characters, will be doing the draw for his former team-mate Nick Tanner's human table football tournament in support of Prostate Cancer UK.  Here, the legendary Liverpool keeper – who won six league titles during his time at Anfield – writes for us about what he's up to now, the state of current goalkeeping and why the Reds will win the Premier League title despite their weaknesses between the posts...

"Liverpool will win the Premier League. Most definitely. I was asked in November if they could win it, and I said then that they could. Everybody laughed – but they're not laughing now.

They're playing great football. This forward line – Suárez, Sturridge and Sterling – is fantastic. They've got pace; they're great to watch. But they do let in too many goals.

Simon Mignolet is a good shot stopper, but by no means the best all-round keeper. A good keeper should be easy on his feet, play out from the back and command the penalty box. A keeper should never be beaten – as Mignolet has been – by a header from three yards out. The keeper coach has to work him harder and he can improve a lot, of course he can.

Another point is his positioning at free-kicks: his starting position is not right. The team and the defence are too far back for the keeper. They're on top of him. He's not commanding enough.

Despite all this, they can definitely still win the title.

Bruce 2

Another reason I look at Mignolet is the number of goals he's conceded – any team that concedes that number of goals [44 in 35 games] should not be top of the league. Compare that to the number of goals Petr Cech has conceded at Chelsea [26 in 35 games] and it tells you the difference. Any good team starts from the back.

Generally, in the Premier League, Ben Foster at West Brom has been brilliant. I would play Brad Friedel more at Tottenham, as I'm not a fan of Hugo Lloris at all. He's not a full bag of tricks. David de Gea at Manchester United has been brilliant at times. The other one I like is Tim Krul at Newcastle. But, again, there are lots of foreign keepers in there – which is a shame for English keepers coming through. There's not enough, and you have to look to foreign keepers.

I coach in Canada now – at a place called Corner Brook, on the western side of Newfoundland. I absolutely love it: coaching is the second-best thing to playing; it's 90 per cent. It's great. I come back to the UK a lot, do some media work – and I enjoy that. But my passion is for the coaching that I do.

Living in Canada, I have to get up at all times of the day to watch Liverpool, but I still go to see them when I'm in England.

I’m also taking part in the human table football fundraising event, organised by my old Liverpool team-mate Nick Tanner. It's very ingenious. He asked me, as we've remained friends – and, when you're a team-mate, you're a team-mate for life. So, of course, I said I'd help out and take part by doing the draw for it."

Find out how you can support and get involved with Nick Tanner's human table football here.

Bruce Grobbelaar was speaking with John Cross.

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