10 Apr 2014

What better way to celebrate Men United v Prostate Cancer than turning accommodation units across the country blue. For the month of April - Manchester, Nottingham and Essex locals can expect to see accomodation units dotted about the place in support of Prostate Cancer UK.

To kick-start the initiative, this week McGoff and Byrne, Medlock Building and T&B Contractors have been lucky enough to receive these eye-catching, awareness- raising beauties. More deliveries are on the way to Thomas Barnes, Taylor Wimpey North Thames, Eric Wright Group and United House next week.

These special units have been designed by AV Group based in Denton, who manufacture thousands of site accommodation units every year for construction firms and are going to donate all rental income from these special units to us.

AV Group Director Helen Scott commented that "The construction industry is still a very male dominated industry and we wanted to play our part in helping to raise awareness of this important disease which kills 10,000 men a year.  We will be fundraising at each of our depots in Manchester, Nottingham and Essex and will also be collecting on-site as we deliver units across the country to clients."

AV group 580
Mark Bishop, Director of Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, said: "We are delighted to have teamed up with AV Group and our thanks go to everyone involved with raising awareness of the disease, and funds for the charity.Prostate Cancer UK is about reaching men of all backgrounds and interests, using a range of new channels. It's about creating a movement for men's health and uniting men against prostate cancer. We need to be where men are and go where they go.

Each year in the UK, over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and one man dies every hour from the disease. The money raised by AV Group, and support given through the Men United campaign, will help us to provide vital information and support to men, and find answers by funding research into causes and treatments."

Support from AV Group comes at a time where we are calling for all men to unite and join the movement, the team and the force taking action on men’s health. 

Join the team now, just answer five quick fire questions and be a part of the army of supporters dedicated to getting men’s health on the agenda and helping make real change.

Men United v Prostate Cancer
We can win this

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