10 Mar 2014
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Six weeks have passed since I first wrote to you all about my decision to cycle from London to Amsterdam for Prostate Cancer UK in June.

Since then I’ve managed to get some training in (though admittedly not enough) amounting to just under 90 miles across five separate trips out on a bike, which, to put into some perspective, is still six miles short of what I and a few others will encounter on day one of June’s challenge alone.

The wet weather has been quite detrimental to my training schedule so far, but with Spring now upon us I’m beginning to run out of excuses not to head out and get plenty more miles under my belt.

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That being said, when I have been out on the roads I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, and I can’t wait for the challenge to begin at Leyton Orient’s Matchroom Stadium on 6 June.

Since introducing myself as Millwall’s club captain for the 150-mile trip I’ve received plenty of support from fans, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

As well as that I’ve lost count of the number of people from other clubs who have been in touch to let me know that they will be joining me in June, and have even met one - Hi Chris at Burnley - on my travels up and down the country covering The Lions over the past few weeks.

To hear of so many others who are also undertaking the challenge - and testing their bodies to the limit in doing so - speaks volumes of the regard in which Prostate Cancer UK are held, and I’m sure by 7 June when the trip ends in Amsterdam that a substantial amount of money will have been collected for a charity at the forefront of raising awareness about men’s health.

If you are interested in learning more about my reasons for taking part in their London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge, or would like to show your support by kindly sponsoring me, visit my Just Giving page at www.justgiving.com/BillyTaylor90

You can keep up-to-date with my progress by following me on Twitter @BillyTaylor90, where I will bore you to tears with stories of aching legs, a sore backside and the escalating cost of Vanish Stain Remover used to make yet another mud stain from the back of my training gear disappear.

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