22 Feb 2014
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To mark our journey to the low-lying land of windmills, canals and clogs, it would be great for your fundraising to have a distinctly oranje flavour to it.

SIMPLE TACTICS – Setting up your online fundraising account

Total Football is the most influential tactical innovation in modern football, in fundraising the ability to donate online has done much the same to help raise a lot of money quickly and easily.

Tailor your page to your challenge, your audience and keep it updated to allow people to find out how much of a Dutch master you really are.

Here’s what you have to do (if you haven’t done it already):

Set up your page at Just Giving or Virgin Money.

TOP TIP – Record your best ‘Steve McLaren’ impression and upload to your online account

CREATE AND ATTACK THE SPACE – Use your social network effectively

A well timed and written email to work colleagues, friends and family will get you ahead of the game.

We have examples of successful emails other supporters have done so just assssk.

TOP TIP – Send out your email on or around pay day


I’LL HAVE A P PLEASE RUUD – Set up a Total Football quiz

We all love a bit of trivia. Run #GoDutch quiz at your local pub and charge £20 per team.

We’ve got Total Football quizzes – just ask alternatively make your own.

TOP TIP – Ask your club to donate some signed merchandise for prizes

ORANJE DAY – Get everyone in the office or at your local pub to dress in orange

Contact your HR team and see if they will allow an ORANJE day at work and ask for a donation when they turn up for work, and fines for those that don’t!

Engage your football supporting colleagues, friends and family in an informative football talk, and slip in a bit about the important cause you are supporting too. And finish with your sponsorship details at the end.

TOP TIP – Dress like Ruud Gullit for that one!

SWWWEEEEP STAKE – Who will triumph in the World Cup?

On the eve of the World Cup get your friends and family to have a flutter on the winner or how far England will go. Or run a sweep stake on the first goal scorer.

TOP TIP – Low entry fee, high numbers

AUCTION – Signed memorabilia from your club

We have a signed 2012/13 shirt and ball for your team you can use to raise money for your trip. Please contact us if you want to do this.

TOP TIP – Set a reserve price of £100 for the shirt

Ask your club to help promote the ride, and see if the club will sponsor you.

I AM A DUTCH MASTER – support me

Johan Cruyff wasn’t slow in coming forward on or off the pitch. Take a leaf out of his book and see if your club or your club’s sponsors will support you with a money can’t buy experience to auction or a donation.

Our press team can also help you with approaching the local paper in your area.

TOP TIP – Contact a club legend to see if they’ll get behind your challenge


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