24 Feb 2014
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Eight could well be the magic number for Stevenage, and with 1 in 8 men in their lifetime affected by the disease, it's a very pertinent number too.

While we want riders to recognise the serious nature behind the cause we fight for we also want to ensure you put the FUN into your fundraising.

And that's what Stevenage have been doing. Providing one of the largest teams in our London to Amsterdam Challenge, including Michael Green (pictured above – photograph courtesy of Steven Green). The team have been up to all sorts in a bid to raise money for, and raise awareness of, Prostate Cancer UK.

Steve Watkins is one of two members from the team that cycled from Stevenage to The Matchroom Stadium, the home of Leyton Orient before their match with the O's. If you are wondering why they chose to cycle to east London you really need to read our full instructions booklet!

Club captain Watkins has also managed to secure £500 sponsorship from two of the companies he works for Land Securities and Europa Services.

From attempting to score penalties through a cycle tyre at a February home match, to spinathons at David Lloyd Stevenage and TrueGym also in Stevenage, to a bag pack at Asda to their very own "8 out of 10" style quiz referreed by manager Graham Westley in the 50th addition of pod cast "A load of old toffee" this team are really breakin' it down.

If that wasn't enough, Richard Cooksley has been writing to golf clubs to ask for auction prizes and Ben Storey has been fundraising at the under 12 football events he runs.

Stevenage are also contributing to a growing number of ex-pros doing the ride. Former Stevenage, Preston, Scarborough and Scunthorpe midfielder Neil Trebble has signed up.

Stevenage FC's London to Amsterdam squad:









Jason Wayne








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