22 Feb 2014
In - Football

It's been quite a while since the heady days of Blissett, Barnes, Graham Taylor and Elton John but Harry the Hornet and Commercial Director, Alan McTavish, are leading Watford back into Europe. He's not alone either.

They are joined by ex-Watford legend Luther Blissett and five other team members making up one of the strongest line ups so far in the London to Amsterdam Challenge.

The team have already raised £3,000 towards their £10,000 target. And they've got a training ride planned for 12 April to The Den for their away game with Millwall.

Like Tour de Blades (Sheffield United's London to Amsterdam team), the Watford team has been in touch with a local bike shop, Giant Radlett, who have supplied team leader McTavish with a bike and a training programme for the team.

Find out how Harry and Alan are getting on with their fundraising.

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