12 Jan 2014
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Here’s what happened when the newly appointed Millwall manager, Ian 'Ollie' Holloway, met Prostate Cancer UK's Director of Fundraising, Mark 'Bish' Bishop.

The Den, around 2.30pm and Ian Holloway is addressing the media following his appointment as Millwall manager. The press conference is ambling towards a conclusion before a question from the back of the room… 

Que Mark Bishop: Can I ask you about the relationship the club has with Prostate Cancer UK and your thoughts on it?

Ian Holloway: Well, I understand you have sponsored us, which is fantastic and thank you so much. What I want to do is try and wear this [the badge] everywhere. I’ve actually got one pinned on my chest as well, which hurt a bit. It’s a fantastic job you do and if you can save just one male, one male of the species who might be too embarrassed to say I’ve got a bit of a problem here. We are a little bit stilted, and it’s a bit of a masculine thing. Ladies, we don’t like really thinking we could possibly be ill, but hopefully you raise awareness and if people stop dying from this its fantastic for me. You are doing a fantastic job so hopefully we can raise awareness and all get checked out. Apparently if you get checked out you can stop it. Is that right if you are checked early enough and they find it early enough? Is that nearly every time?

MB: This is your launch rather than Prostate Cancer UK.

IH: No, no, no, please tell me.

MB: The challenge here is to make sure men are aware of the disease. Everyone at the club has done a brilliant job for prostate cancer.

IH: How many people die a year of it?

MB: 10,000 men in the UK die every year of prostate cancer; one man every hour.

IH: And if we all got checked would it stop?

MS: If many of the men that are diagnosed are diagnosed early enough they would have a better chance of surviving.

IH: Fantastic. Well there you are. Go and get checked all of you. I’m going. Not right now though as I’ve got a few more questions to answer (cue laughter in the room triggering Ollie’s exit stage left).

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