31 Jan 2014

If you're a football fan, the chances are you love a good trivia question. So here's some good news: this week we've asked Zonal Marking's Michael Cox to rack his massive football brain and come up with five of his favourite quiz questions to test you with.

Once you've exercised your football knowledge, take an altogether more important quiz – one that could help save lives. Complete the Men United test by answering our five quickfire questions to tell us how clued up you are about prostate cancer. For every person who takes the test, Keyline will donate 50p to Prostate Cancer UK.

Here are Michael’s five favourite football teasers. Click the link below to reveal the answers…

1. Which nine players have scored for six different Premier League clubs?

2. Which English league sides are the furthest north, east, south and west?

3. Which 12 players have missed in a penalty shoot-out at a major tournament for England?

4. What links the families of José Mourinho and Pavel Nedved?

5. Which six Dutchmen have scored Premier League hat-tricks?


Answer Michael Cox's five favourite football quiz questions and then help to beat prostate cancer by taking the Men United test.

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