13 Nov 2014

We’ve been big fans of the hairy upper lip since 2007, when Adam and JC – two of the original four mo-bros – first walked into our offices and suggested we team up to tackle prostate cancer in the UK. And that, as they’ve probably never said, was the start of a long and beautiful hairy-lipped friendship.

Since then, we’ve grown together, taken men’s health in the UK by the scruff of the neck, and achieved far more than the sum of our parts, funding cutting-edge research and supported men living with prostate cancer. Here’s how we work together (warning contains Mos).

This year we’ve worked together to launch the Movember Centres of Excellence for prostate cancer research. We’ve launched the UK arm of the global True NTH survivorship research programme. And just last week we launched Life after prostate cancer diagnosis – a UK wide research project to find out the impact of prostate cancer on everyday life.

Now is the time to lay the foundations for the years of growing still to come. To us, our ever warmer upper lips are about more than just moustaches. They’re about friendship. They’re about working together to make things better for men in the UK.

You can see how my Mo (and those of the rest of the Prostate Cancer UK team) is progressing on our Movember team page. Please be gentle.

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