14 Jan 2014

"I've not even sat on a bike, let alone rode one, for a long, long time."

What better way, then, to reintroduce my legs to the chore of moving them round and round in sync with one another than to cycle all the way to Amsterdam in little over 24 hours?

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Millwall's partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, announced last summer, was, in many ways, one of a kind in that it went against people's perceptions of football being a money-hungry industry separated from the realities and hardships of everyday life.

The football club I work for broke new ground in passing up the opportunity to benefit financially from a lucrative shirt sponsorship deal, instead opting to enter into a promise to raise £100,000 for a charity doing phenomenal work in generating awareness for prostate cancer, a disease which kills one man every hour in the UK.

That's an upsetting statistic, but one that Prostate Cancer UK are doing all they can to change.

In my role as Programme Editor at Millwall I've worked closely with staff at the charity and have been blown away by their enthusiasm in doing the work that they do for the benefit of others.

I've also come across a handful of Millwall fans who - prompted by the club's link-up with the charity - have told their stories, and how they implore men of all ages to rise above their stubbornness and get checked out by their GP.

Raising money is one thing, but that human element of Prostate Cancer UK's work is most important.

I'm keen to help them out, and will be penning regular diary entries about how training for June's London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge is going. I'll be representing Millwall and joining employees and fans from across The Football League.

I'm hopeful that there will be a few other members of staff at Millwall coming along for the ride, so will keep you posted with the progress I have in recruiting some extra willing cyclists. If you want to join me you can register at www.prostatecanceruk.org/amsterdam.

I've already got a bike, and last night ordered a helmet, some gloves, a high-visibility jacket and, as if I actually needed them, cycling shorts equipped with extra padding in the backside area. I'm going to look the business.

If you're interested in keeping up-to-date with how much my legs are aching, how rubbish the weather is for cycling or how I should've paid more for shorts with even more padding, please follow me on Twitter @BillyTaylor90.

I've also set up a Just Giving Page with more details about Prostate Cancer UK's London to Amsterdam Cycle Challenge and what I've let myself in for. If you want to show your backing for an incredible charity by sponsoring me, please visit the link below. Your help is much appreciated.


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