by Jonny Coxon, GP, Brighton

"I’ve been presenting at Prostate Cancer UK’s primary masterclasses for a couple of years now. I work as a GP in Brighton, but once upon a time pursued a Urology career path, including some time carrying out research in the field of prostate cancer.

I’ve kept up my interest in prostate disease over the years, and as part of my efforts to keep up to date, I actually attended one of the masterclasses when the team came to Brighton. I really was impressed by the quality and pitch of the presentations. There was a clear focus on maintaining relevance to the jobbing GP and nurse in primary care, which I’m happy to say has remained a real strength of the courses since then, and which I’ve been determined to help maintain.

I’m very aware that, certainly for many GPs, formal training in Urology may have been very brief. It’s crucial to me that we therefore look to demystify some of the crucial elements that are pertinent to the three main prostate diseases: namely prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (or male lower urinary tract symptoms), and of course prostate cancer.

I believe there is a real advantage in getting mixed input to the masterclasses from Urologists, GPs, nurses and patients. We all work hard to make the presentations entertaining and informative, and I’m sure this multidisciplinary approach ensures that the information stays grounded in primary care, and not lost in some of the more idiosyncratic corners of the Urology world.

With ample opportunity for questions to be raised both before and during the day, we hope no one leaves with burning issues unresolved. While we can’t promise to remove all the controversy surrounding issues such as the PSA debate, I hope that all attendees will be much better placed to help inform their patients on the latest viewpoints and research!"

Jonny is just one of the professionals who speak at our Primary care masterclasses. With an opportunity to hear from a range of specialists and patients the masterclasses are a great opportunity for health professionals to get the answers relevant to their career.
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