16 Oct 2014
In - Football

We set up the Be a Long Life Fan project with Albion In The Community (AITC) to test out how a prostate cancer awareness campaign would work with football fans, and to develop a model for a prostate cancer awareness campaign that could be used by other clubs.

The programme demonstrated how important it was to work with football clubs - both in terms of the scale of the fan audience that can be reached, and in the multiple opportunities there are for delivering the message. There were high levels of engagement with the research and positive feedback from fans on the work produced.

The follow up information shows fans reporting that their knowledge of prostate cancer had improved, the prospect of them seeking professional help in the future had increased, and that they were more likely to discuss the issue with friends or family.

To find out more and to get a copy of the 'Be a Long Life Fan' final report and tool kit, please email football@prostatecanceruk.org

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