12 Sep 2013
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Over the past few weeks we've been hunting for an inspirational figurehead to lead Men United.

The votes have now been counted and we're delighted to announce that Leeds legend Billy Bremner is the fans' overwhelming choice to wear the Men United armband. 

We asked David Wilkinson of Leeds fan site The Scratching Shed - who originally nominated Bremner - why the firebrand midfielder is such a great choice.

"Bremner had a sign above his peg in the dressing room that said 'Keep fighting'," said David.

"That summed him up - he put his body on the line for his team-mates. As the song goes: 'For the sake of Leeds United he would break himself in two.'

"Leeds fans need no convincing of the great man's genius, but it's fantastic to see wider recognition of his talents. Billy Bremner is the perfect leader for Men United."

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To celebrate awarding Bremner our captain's armband, this week we're hailing the some other great red headed footballers.


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