12 Aug 2013
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Prostate cancer kills one man every hour - that's a strike rate of 10,000 deaths every year. So this season, as the Official Charity Partner of the Football League, we're asking supporters to put aside their differences and become Men United in the fight against prostate cancer.

To lead Men United, and to kick off the 2013-14 Football League season, we're looking for an inspirational figurehead.

To that end, we asked bloggers, journalists and fans with allegiances to each of the 72 Football League clubs to nominate their team's greatest captain. We wanted to know three things from them: what made their captain so great, what was his defining moment and - most importantly, so we could tell what kind of hero we're dealing with - which film character would they be and why.

The first round of voting is now closed. We'll announce the top five captains on Tuesday 27 August, with these skippers entering our play-off. As the second round of voting opens, the final five will each receive the backing of one of the country's leading football writers, who'll tell the nation why they should vote for their choice of captain. The best way to get your favourite to win is to get your fellow fans to vote for him. So share this page and spread the word!

Update: polls are now closed! We're counting up the votes and will announce the official Men United captain on Monday 9 September.

Who will wear the Men United armband? Read about the nominees here >

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