2 Jul 2013

Click the play button to hear what Ray Winstone had to say about Father's Day, the dark mini-drama about prostate cancer which also starred Neil Stuke, Charles Dance, John Simm, Tamzin Outhwaite, Cyril Nri and Stuart Laing.

Watch the full-length Father's Day film.

Transcript: "1959_SHP63830_230x230I've been unlucky, but lucky in a way, that a couple of friends of mine have had prostate cancer, but luckily enough they caught it early. And thank God they caught it early. It was only them being aware of it in fact that saved their lives. I guess you think, as you're getting older, I'm 56 years of age and one of my friends is 58 and the other one's a bit younger - so it's not an old man's disease. I think that's the message. We may know about it, but I think when you're younger you think you're kind of … going to live forever. But we're finding out more all the time. We may be living longer, but we are more aware of diseases like this [prostate cancer] now, we know more about them, we recognise what they are. I think it's important to make films like this, to make documentaries like this and to keep putting the message out there to the boys -  that it's alright to talk about it.  In fact it's better to talk about it than your let your family turn up at a funeral for you, and that would be a party you can't enjoy. So I think Father's Day and its message, is very important. That's why I really wanted to be a part of making this film, because if you can help in any way, fantastic, you should."

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