2 Jul 2013

We interviewed Neil Stuke about the making of Father's Day, the dark mini-drama about prostate cancer which also starred Ray Winstone, Charles Dance, John Simm, Tamzin Outhwaite, Cyril Nri and Stuart Laing.

1959_SHP64060_230x230What gave you the idea for the film?

Neil Stuke: The idea for this came absolutely from Martin Sadofski and Charlie Druce from Coast through discussions with me about my newfound relationship with prostate cancer. We felt that with my connections to the acting world, Charlie's and Martin's connection to the commercial world, we could do something to help gain awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. 

How did you galvanise everyone - producer, writer, cast and crew - to support it?

Galvanising everyone was actually one of the easiest parts. Everyone seemed to have the same opinion of prostate cancer; that basically people/men don't know enough about it. In truth though, once we had Mr Winstone on board (who has friends who have been diagnosed with it) people couldn't wait to come on board. 

Why did you feel so strongly about raising awareness of prostate cancer?

I feel so strongly about this because I'm in a very privileged position. I've been welcomed in with open arms by all from Prostate Cancer UK in my position as an actor who plays a character with prostate cancer in the BBC drama Silk. The statistics are shocking and, so, I thought about ways I could help to try and get the message out there. This seemed like one of the best ways.

What do you think of the finished film?

I think the finished film is very good. It's upsetting and quite hard hitting but, importantly, it gives hope. It's quite a sweet little piece ultimately.

What do you hope it will achieve?

This whole process for us has been to get the message across to men and, hopefully, we've done that. It's now up to them to get checked.

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