3 Jul 2013

Today, 3 July 2013, the Health and Sport Committee in Scotland released a report  setting out recommendations to improve the system of accessing medicines in the country. Prostate Cancer UK welcomes their recommendations.

Drew Lindon, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Prostate Cancer UK said:  "We welcome today's recommendations by the Health and Sport Committee as an important contribution to the debate around access to new medicines in Scotland. For too long key decisions about treatments have taken place behind closed doors, with little opportunity for patients and clinicians to feed in their views. This has meant decisions which have had to be reversed, unnecessary delays in access to life-extending drugs, and regional inequalities which can be devastating for patients and families.

"We urge the Scottish Government to act on today's recommendations and start taking the steps necessary to develop a collaborative and transparent system which patients and their families can rely upon.  As the UK-wide move towards a new value-based system of drug pricing draws ever closer, the need for an appraisal system fit for purpose is increasingly urgent if patients in Scotland are to get the treatment they need."


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