20 Jun 2013
In - Policy

Today, 20 June 2013, the Department of Health has announced new developments in the process of designing and implementing the new value-based system of drug pricing. These include the fact that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence will now be consulting various stakeholders including patient groups in the process of allocating value to different drugs.  

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK said: "For far too long, lack of clarity on how value-based pricing will work has prevented us and other patient groups from engaging with its development. Although today's announcement sheds an encouraging chink of light,  there is still much more that needs to be clarified, and many more areas where patient opinion is crucial to building a system fit for purpose.

"We hope that today's declaration signals a change of tack from the Department of Health and that much more will be unveiled over the coming weeks, including  a firmer commitment to involving patient groups in a purposeful way and on a continuing basis. Otherwise we will remain concerned that the Department risks undermining the credibility and effectiveness of the new system before it has even been established."


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