They're there to give advice, to lend you money, to get you out of a tight spot and even to tell you awful jokes. What would we do without our dads? In honour of Father's Day this Sunday (16 June), staff and supporters have written in to tell us about their Top Dads and share their best and worst jokes.

Get involved: If you have a Top Dad or a brilliantly cheesy joke, share it! You can join the conversation by adding a comment below or email us: We will publish a selection of Top Dads online and print a special one in the next Progress.

Ellie thinks her dad is the best:
Peter Brooke from St Albans Peter Brooke For Progress

"My dad is a Top Dad because, despite wanting a son and forgetting to pick me up from school, he has taken very good care of my sister and me. He is always there if we need advice, a lift or a tenner, and would drop everything to ensure we are safe and happy. I have many happy child and adulthood memories of times with my dad, including a holiday in Tuscany, eating fish and chips in the rain on the south coast and my 21st birthday - organised solely by him!

"For children to see their parents upset is heart-breaking. Watching my dad speak at his dad's funeral was one of those times and I won't ever forget how brave he was. My dad has taught me some very valuable things in life like not to take it too seriously and how to catch a cricket ball. A sign of a top dad is surely top kids, and we definitely are. As well as being a top dad he is also a top grandad now too.

"Best/worst joke: I went to a seafood disco last week and pulled a muscle."

Caitlin tells us about her top dad:
Geoff O'Neill from PlymouthGeoff ONeill Crop For Progress

"My dad is a Top Dad because he's the one I always call when I need advice, even when I'm 200 miles away and can't get out of a parking space! He always seems to have the answer and has instilled in me his motto for life: 'Don't do the easy thing, do the right thing.' I don't always live by it but I know I should.

"My happiest memory is coming home after a gap year abroad and seeing his face for the first time in months (even if he did use a
ruined home-made Christmas cake as my coming home cake.
I'll forgive him for that in time).
"We all went through a really tough time when my Mum was in hospital as a result of a serious skiing accident. I was young and Dad was left holding the fort. I've read poems that he wrote at the time and he had to be so strong for his children. He has always been my rock. Apart from 'don't do the easy thing, do the right thing' dad has taught me about the importance of honesty - he is the most honest, honourable person I know.

"Best/worst joke: A man goes to the doctor's with a piece of lettuce sticking out of his bottom. He tells the doctor he's concerned and asks for an examination. After a little probing, the doctor turns to him and says: "It's worse than I originally thought. That's just the tip of the iceberg!"

Catherine sings the praises of her dad: Dave Steele And Catherine Dancing Crop
Dave Steele from Leamington Spa

"My dad is a Top Dad because when I was young he helped my mum start her new career by taking over us kids and the house. That meant Haunted House spaghetti for tea and trying to set a new
speed record every time we went to the supermarket. He's been an amazing support to Mum through a tough few years in which she lost both parents and confronted breast cancer.

"Watching Dad struggle to come to terms with losing his own dad, very suddenly, to cancer was unbearable. But throughout all that he was an incredible help to my Nana and has been there to support her through her grief and the huge change to her life.

"One of my happiest memories is of me and Dad dancing in the aisles non-stop at a Rolling Stones gig. We were supposed to be seated with everyone else, but the security guards gave up telling us to sit down and let us get on with it.

"Dad has taught me lots of great things: to laugh at the absurdity of the world and to value people far more than money. Oh, and he once drew me a brilliant cartoon to explain the immune system, in which white blood cells with sharp teeth, knives, forks and napkins gobbled up disease cells.

"Best/worst joke: Not even a joke really but he loves a pun and every time we sit down to dinner and there's salad he says 'lettuce pray'. Every time. I'd probably miss it if he stopped - even though I groan." 

Prepare to laugh, cry and cringe - here are our favourite dad jokes

Special thanks to our fantastic volunteer, Geoff Douglas for his brilliant contributions. We couldn't possibly say which of these are his.

I pulled up at traffic lights the other day next to an AA man who was crying his eyes out. I thought: "Uh oh, he's heading for a breakdown."

Walking through a churchyard I saw a man standing behind a grave. I said: "Morning!"
He said: "No just having a pee."

A friend of mine has a problem drinking brake fluid, but I'm not worried,
he says can stop at any time.

What do you call a lady in the distance?

Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted.

What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?
You can't wash your hands in a buffalo!

Get involved and share your jokes below - but please keep them clean if you want them seen. You can also tell us about your Top Dad below or email

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