4 Jun 2013

Deloitte is pleased to announce its new three-year charity partnerships with; Alzheimer's Society, Mind and Prostate Cancer UK.

Over 5,000 of the firm's employees selected the three charities based on specific projects that they put forward.  In addition to traditional fundraising, the firm will dedicate time and skills, such as strategy advice, analytics, finance and project management, to support each charity.

Bob Thust, Director for Responsible Business at Deloitte, said:  "The response from our people has been fantastic and demonstrates the importance of our charity partnerships to our firm.  We want to offer more than the typical fundraising, which often only offers a temporary solution, and aim to make a real difference for each of these charities.

"By using the skills and expertise of our staff, we believe we can leave a lasting legacy that will continue to help each charity long after the partnership comes to a close. We're planning to raise more than £2 million for them during the next three years, supporting their vital work, but also offer professional services skills that are often too costly and can make a real impact on their business."

A new three-year journey

Prostate cancer kills one man every hour in the UK and Deloitte wants to help decrease this number with the Prostate Cancer UK's 'Search and Rescue' programme.  The charity aims to reach over 300,000 people during the three-year partnership, which Deloitte staff will help to deliver through workshops across the UK.

Deloitte will work with the Alzheimer's Society on 'The Care of today, Cure for tomorrow' project which will help fund scientists to research treatment and preventions.  Staff will offer business skills to improve efficiency for the charity and get the opportunity to support the charity's 2,000 services across the UK.

With Mind, Deloitte will work to ensure more people are aware of mental health issues, aiming to reach over 10 million people in three years.  Staff will help create training programmes, introduce new technologies to assist these programmes and provide accounting, tax and audit advice.

Coming to the end of the past three-year charity partnerships

Today also marks the end of a three year relationship between Deloitte and its current national charity partners; Children with Cancer UK, Help for Heroes (H4H) and Cancer Research UK.  The firm worked with these charities to change and enhance their business models and push the boundaries of corporate charity partnerships.

Over the last three years, Deloitte employees raised over £2 million, provided 3,000 hours of pro-bono support and over 5,000 volunteers supported the charities through a number of skills based opportunities, corporate challenges and fundraising activities.

One of the highlights during this period was supporting the development of Tedworth House, H4H's flagship Recovery Centre.  Employees provided specific skills and technical support to convert a house into a Recovery Centre for injured members of the Armed Forces in less than four months - delivering a 99 year legacy of support for the wounded. In addition, employees with IT and communications expertise developed an IT infrastructure across the site, while fundraising efforts by Deloitte staff were put towards the creation of a state-of-the-art IT suite.  The suite offers those who have suffered life-changing injuries specialist IT training to help them transition to a civilian career and keep in contact with their family.

Deloitte agreed with Children with Cancer UK to support a new national clinical trial for children and young people with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). The trial opened in April 2012 and at the end of its first year is well on its way to its recruitment target of 2,500 patients over six years. The trial aims to improve the quality and rate of survival in patients, ensuring the disease is properly controlled and toxic side effects of treatment are minimised.  In addition, Deloitte funding helped to create a centralised childhood leukaemia cell bank containing samples in one location, where all the regulatory and technical issues that make a successful sample bank can be delivered.  This is a unique resource that has no comparison world.

Specific work was also carried out with Cancer Research UK, to raise money to help fund a team of eight cancer information nurses who provided help and support for tens of thousands of people across the UK. Cancer Research UK estimates that these nurses directly helped nearly 35,000 people affected by cancer during the three year partnership.

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