2 May 2013
In - Policy

We want to make sure we campaign on issues that matter to you. 

To help us do this, we set up a new Policy and Campaigns Forum in March. At the first meeting, Forum members (people affected by prostate cancer, clinicians and other supporters) discussed suggestions we have received for what we should campaign on.

They talked about potential campaign issues such as access to support services for the side effects of prostate cancer treatment. We're working on this suggestion now and will give updates on the Forum's work.

What would you like to see us take action on?

Please send us your suggestions for what improvements you'd like to see for men with prostate cancer, and the P&C Forum will discuss them. You can send them to lizzie.flew@prostatecanceruk.org, call 020 8222 7651 or post in the comments section below. 

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