9 Apr 2013
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Campaigners 2013

During March, 35 campaigners joined us in the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments to speak to politicians about why quality care is so important for all men affected by prostate cancer. And they drew a fantastic turnout of politicians - double the number who attended similar events last year.

The campaigners spoke about their own experiences of good and bad care, and how important it is to know what to expect. Our Quality Checklist sets out what good care looks like, and we are asking politicians to encourage local health commissioners to adopt it in their area. We hope this will lead to an improvement in care across the UK.

In Westminster, campaigners had individual meetings with 25 MPs, and an incredible 93 MPs joined us at our photo call to learn more about how care varies throughout the UK and receive a copy of our report. This a huge increase from the 39 MPs who attended a similar event in 2012.

In the Scottish Parliament, campaigners met with over 50 MSPs (well over a third of all MSPs) to share their experiences and ask for support. Again this was a massive increase in numbers on the previous year, up from 28 at a similar reception.

We will be continuing to call for politicians and health commissioners to support and implement the checklist until quality care is a reality for all men with prostate cancer. Find out more about the checklist, and how you can get involved, on our campaign page.

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