18 Apr 2013

Balthazar Fabricius, 33, says he hasn't been fit since he was a teenager and he's never boxed before. But in just a few months the father-of-two will step into the ring at the Boodles Boxing Ball with an experienced fighter who is younger and stronger - a fighter who will be listed as favourite by Balthazar's own gambling firm, Fitzdares. He tells us why this fight is a great idea and how he is preparing.

What made you decide to box for Prostate Cancer UK?

"My initial motivation came when I found out eighteen months ago that my wife Beanie and I were expecting twin boys. It was a wonderful shock, but I thought: crikey, when these lads start running around I'll need to be fit, which I haven't been since I was about 14. So I decided it'd be a great idea if I could find something that would terrify me into doing exercise.

"I was aware of the Boodles Boxing Ball because I'm friends with James Amos, one of the directors, and he asked me to fight. I realised this was my opportunity to really push myself to do something for good causes. I chose Prostate Cancer UK because it's something that has touched my life, through my chairman, who has had a brush with the disease, and also my uncle. It's a charity that's close to my heart.

"I'm raising money for five charities in total and my target is £50,000 so hopefully that'll be £10,000 for each."

Who are you fighting and when?

"On 21 September at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London, I have to go three rounds against Arthur Landon, who's the sure fire favourite. He's not as tall as me but he's in very good shape, as everyone keeps pointing out. And he's completely the opposite of me: he's broad, where I'm skinny, he's younger (and better looking) and he's fought before. I'm at a considerable disadvantage.

"Not only that, he's being trained by Barry McGuigan's son Shane, who trained Freddie Flintoff for the fight he won last year."

How's your training going and what does it involve?

"I'm training three to four times a week and it's hellish. I also do one session each week with some of my fellow Boodles fighters including Fraser Waters, who's played rugby for Wasps. I'm well out of my comfort zone. I do a lot of sparring but also lots of pads, which I hate, plus press ups, running, skipping rope. It's all the Rocky cliches. I've watched all the films to try to get inspired!"

Who's in your corner?

"I'm training with Clay O'Shea - he's a boxing legend and has recently trained Tom Hardy for his role in Mad Max, which is coming out later this year.

"It's very much school of hard knocks with Clay and compliments are few and far between. However, he told me recently that when I first started I couldn't break an egg, so I assume that means I now can and I think that's a compliment."

What do friends, family and clients think about this?

"Because it is boxing and it's quite unusual, I've had a good response. I think it's also quite appealing to clients because of the old cliche that everyone wants to see their bookmaker get bashed.

"My wife, Beanie has been very understanding so far, but she thinks I'm bonkers."

What are your odds of winning?

"My gambling firm, Fitzdares, will be the official bookmaker on the night and we're just working out all the odds, but Arthur will certainly be the favourite. I hope my odds are shortening the more I train though."

Any injuries so far?

"I have slightly broken morale but no broken bones yet." 

Balthazar will be fighting at the Boodles Boxing Ball on 21 September 2013 and is raising donations through a Virgin Money Giving page in his name.

He is the founder of bespoke gambling firm, Fitzdares and lives with his wife, Beanie and young twins, Frederick and Hector in west London.

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