19 Dec 2013
In - Policy

We went to the Britain Against Cancer conference on 10 December to hear from English Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham, and a range of people working in cancer care and policy, about how we can keep cancer a priority for the NHS in England. 

We organised a meeting on improving patient experience and patient safety at the conference. The conference focuses on NHS cancer policy in England and brings together politicians, civil servants, clinicians, patients and charities to discuss improvements in care. Our volunteer Dale spoke brilliantly about his experience of care and shared what made it particularly good.

The conference was organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer, who launched a report at the event. The report highlights where the NHS should improve cancer care, and makes positive suggestions for how this could happen. It brings together the views of many people affected by cancer and we hope it will drive improvements in the new England NHS structures.

A Scotland Against Cancer Conference is currently being planned for the summer of 2014. As members of the Scottish Cancer Coalition and the Cross Party Group on Cancer we are being consulted on its agenda, and will be considering the best opportunities to participate once this has been finalised.

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