23 Jan 2013
In - Policy

Figures released today by Cancer Research UK show that a man's lifetime risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer has trebled over 25 years.

Dr Sarah Cant, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Prostate Cancer UK, said the figures reinforced the need for the nation to wake up to the growing impact of the disease:

"Although it is heartening that prostate cancer death rates appear to have reduced over recent years, these stats reinforce our concerns that the number of men being diagnosed with the disease is rising at an alarming rate. With so many more men expected to be living with the disease in the future, it is more urgent than ever that prostate cancer is higher up the nation's health agenda so that men can get the world class treatment and care they deserve.

"Due to a significant legacy of underinvestment, men with prostate cancer are still faced with diagnostic tests and treatments which are decades behind where we need to be.  Significant variations in the quality of care also persist. To change this, and deliver a better future for men, Prostate Cancer UK has pledged to transform the landscape of men's health once and for all. We are investing in an ambitious research programme to find the answers for the future, improving the support men receive now through the delivery of world class services, and leading change in care. Through our recently launched Sledgehammer Fund we are calling on everyone across the country to get behind men and help us in this mission. Together we can crack prostate cancer once and for all, because men deserve better."

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