28 Apr 2012
In - Research

The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on the early data released from the PIVOT trial, which is comparing the 10 year survival benefit of prostate surgery versus observation for 731 men with low to medium risk disease.

Dr Kate Holmes, Head of Research at The Prostate Cancer Charity said:

"Early data from the PIVOT trial certainly suggests that surgery to remove the prostate does not provide any significant survival benefit for men with low to medium risk prostate cancer. However, these findings are from a large ongoing trial, and we look forward to seeing the full published results which could help men in future to make more informed decisions about treatment of their prostate cancer.

"This trial also highlights how important it is that research into improved diagnosis, staging and treatment of prostate cancer is sustained if we are to take treatment for the disease to the next level. We have been working with existing methods for far too long and it is vital that investment continues if we are to reduce the number of men who die from this disease every year."

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