2 Apr 2012
In - Research

The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on new research, presented as an abstract at the American Association for Cancer Research conference, in which a US team have trialled a potential new treatment for prostate cancer in patients for the first time.

Dr Kate Holmes, Head of Research at The Prostate Cancer Charity, explains: "This very early stage research, conducted in a small group of men, indicates that galeterone shows potential as a new treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer. This new drug is in its infancy and full results have yet to be published, meaning that is simply too soon to tell whether or not this drug is capable of living up to its early promise.

Men in the final stages of prostate cancer have very few options available to them and we desperately need to increase the number of effective treatments for these men. The researchers have plans to test the drug in a further trial, to fully investigate the full side effects and safety of treatment. We look forward to reading the full publication of this study in due course, and await with anticipation the results of further trials."

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