17 Apr 2012
In - Research

The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on research released today (17 April) in the Lancet Oncology, which suggests that a new treatment - focal high-intensity focused ultrasound (focal HIFU) -has the potential to effectively treat prostate tumours with dramatically reduced side-effects compared to traditional methods.

 Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity said: "We welcome the development of any prostate cancer treatment which limits the possibility of damaging side effects such as incontinence and impotence. These early results certainly indicate that focal HIFU has the potential to achieve this in the future.

"However, we need to remember that this treatment was given to fewer than 50 men, without follow up over a sustained period of time. We look forward to the results of further trials, which we hope will provide a clearer idea of whether this treatment can control cancer in the long term whilst ridding men of the fear that treating their cancer might mean losing their quality of life".

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