30 Mar 2012
In - Research

The Prostate Cancer Charity has welcomed the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence's (NICE) draft decision to recommend that denosumab be made available for men with advanced prostate cancer which has spread to the bone on the NHS throughout the UK.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity, said:

"This draft decision is good news for men with prostate cancer and sends an encouraging message to men in the final stages of the disease that their needs have not been forgotten.

"This treatment is key in helping to minimise the risk of complications once prostate cancer has spread to a man's bones. Although it will not extend lives, this simple injection gives these men the chance of a much better quality of life. We commend NICE for provisionally recommending that this treatment be made widely available.

"Men with advanced prostate cancer  have recently faced a string of bitter disappointments as other new treatments which could extend and improve their lives have not been made available on the NHS, most noticeably, breakthrough end of life drug abiraterone. We strongly hope that this positive news paves the way for NICE to reverse its draft decision not to provide access to abiraterone on the NHS in England and Wales, as a first step towards the drug being made available to all men who need it on the NHS throughout the UK."


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