20 Feb 2012

On 14th December, his four-man boat, named HM&S Twiggy, departed the Canary Islands for Barbados. 65 days, 2604 miles and 2,880 boiled sweets later, the team arrived in Port St Charles but only after having braved difficult mid-Atlantic weather conditions, evaded hungry-looking sharks and pushing his body to its physical limits - Graham alone lost three and a half  stone during the journey.

Graham and his team, the Prostate Marksmen, far exceeded their £75,000 fundraising target for the charity by hosting a range of fundraising activities, including three rowathons in London, Southampton and Bournemouth, and selling £5,000 worth of raffle tickets. M&S employees also contributed by raising over £60,000 towards the total in just three weeks.

Graham Witham commented: "It's been a challenging but incredible journey and it wouldn't have been possible without the overwhelming support of friends, family and sponsors. The amount of money we've been able to fundraise is a testament to that."

Marc Bolland, Chief Executive of M&S, commented: "It goes without saying that the accomplishment Graham and his crewmates have achieved is truly exceptional. Not only have they crossed an ocean to raise awareness of the important work that The Prostate Cancer Charity does, but also they have been an inspiration for all of us at M&S."

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity, said: "We are truly grateful for Graham's efforts in this impressive challenge in support of The Prostate Cancer Charity. His Herculean endeavour exemplifies the superb spirit in which M&S employees have taken this partnership to their hearts and made it such a success. This is a clear sign of their ongoing support, dedication and commitment to helping us fight prostate cancer."

Supporters can go to www.prostatemarksmen.com to make a donation.

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