Prostate Cancer UK is the UK’s largest men’s health charity

Our staff, Trustees, Patrons, Ambassadors and Volunteers all work towards one goal: ensuring we put men at the centre of everything we do.

What we do

  • campaign to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life
  • support men by providing vital information
  • find answers by funding research into causes and treatments
  • lead change by raising the profile of the disease and improving care

Read the MANifesto: a call to arms bringing people together to make a real difference.

Our history

The Prostate Cancer Charity was founded in 1996 by Professor Jonathan Waxman to address the ‘Outrageous and arbitrary surgical treatment of men’.

We were the first national organisation for prostate cancer in the UK. Our aim was to improve the care and welfare of those affected by prostate cancer, increase investment in research, and raise public and political awareness of a long-neglected disease.

We merged with Prostate Action in 2012 and became Prostate Cancer UK. We have grown in size, strength and influence but our ambition is the same: to put men at the heart of everything we do.