Centre of Excellence

Movember Centres of Excellence

We’re hugely excited to be announcing the launch of the Movember Centres of Excellence in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK. 

Throughout the world, centres of excellence bring leading researchers across different scientific disciplines together to tackle important unanswered questions and move research towards patient benefit as quickly as possible. 

What it's all about

Prostate Cancer UK Chief Executive Owen Sharp, Director of Research Dr Iain Frame and Sarah Coghlan, Movember UK Country Director sat down to talk about the Movember Centres of Excellence and how they will change the future for men with prostate cancer.

Addressing the big questions

Movember and Prostate Cancer UK opened the first such centres in the UK in February 2014. These centres, based in Belfast-Manchester and London, will bring together groups of scientists and clinicians with different areas of expertise to address the big questions in prostate cancer research – from basic biology to inside the clinic -  as part of a structured research programme.

Bringing experts together

As well as bringing together expert researchers and clinicians, the Movember Centres of Excellence will also provide a world-class training ground for the scientists of the future, building a legacy of top prostate cancer researchers in the UK, as well as establishing international collaborations for the brightest minds to tackle the most important questions in prostate cancer research – now and into the future.