The public face of prostate cancer in the UK

Barts and the London School of MedicineProfessor Clive Seale£66,2952009 - 2012

Why we funded it

Knowledge of how HSMs work and what leads to success or failure has built up over time through a number of social scientific investigations, but mostly in the USA and only occasionally in the UK. Through this study we hope to benefit from knowledge of what has worked for other HSMs such as the very successful breast cancer awareness movement.

Scientific title

The public face of prostate cancer in the UK.


Research project summary


Professor Seale's project will study the changing public image of prostate cancer in the UK, the degree to which men with prostate cancer find this image helpful in understanding and coping with their experience. The project will also study what prostate cancer campaigning organisations need to do in future to raise awareness of the needs of men with prostate cancer among the general public, in the health service and in the research community. This will help organisations aiming to support men with prostate cancer and encourage funding of initiatives to prevent and treat the disease, to pursue strategies in the future that are more likely to lead to success. As a social scientist, he will be drawing on general knowledge of 'Health Social Movements' (HSMs), of which prostate cancer awareness campaigns are an example.